The story of how the Wizard got started in this business

About the Owner Brian Corrigan He has been involved in the Electronics Repair industry since he was 14 years old, when he began a 6-year apprenticeship at I & R Electronics TV/Radio Repair Shop (1965). At the same time, he began a 3-year Electronics College (New York Trade & Tech) while concurrently attending high school. Upon Graduating with a Degree in Industrial Electronics 1967, he was hired by NASA to Build and Install Cables for the LEM (Lunar Module that landed on the Moon in 1969). When the program ended, he moved to Pennsylvania and opened a TV/Electronics Repair Business to finance his higher education.

In 1972, he obtained his BA in Liberal Arts (English), from St. Francis University, Loretto, PA. This degree prepared him for his later in life career path as a private investigator. After Graduation, he traveled in Europe for 6 months, and when he returned to New York (were he grew up) he moved to California, where he spent the next 5 years operating an Electronics repair business. At the same time he was hired as a fraud investigator by Equifax, and began his pursuit of a singing career with appearances on the “Gong Show”, and starred in several Broadway productions in the 5000 seat San Jose Center for Performing Arts, including “Paint Your Wagon, & Sweet Charity”

In 1974, he went to work as a Private Detective, and continued off and on between a Claims Adjuster and Investigator until he left corporate America and opened up his investigation services under the name Investigations, Inc. He was able to apply his electronics skills to his Investigator/claims pursuits, and eventually developed relationships with Steve Jobs (Apple) and (Microsoft) and worked in Silicon Valley for over 40 years for many of the now famous electronics giant.

As an Investigator, he put his computer skills to use doing forensic investigations against hackers and cracked the Nigerian Email Scam in 2001. He assisted law enforcement in tracking down hackers and recovering money stolen or extorted from innocent people.

Always experienced in Electronic repairs, when he retired to Westciiffe, he began taking discarded computers from any source that they were available from, and donations, and started his repair business in Custer County in 2011. After he refurbished these donated computers, he ran a contest in many of the retail stores in town, and gave them away to the winners, and other computer systems to needy and those unable to pay for a system. Many thanks to Antlers (Brian Clince), Loan a Ranger Pawn Shop (Jay Printz), Westcliffe Supermarket, and many other stores that hosted these giveaways.

He began the Electron Wizard with the help of Jay Printz, who housed his new business in the rear of the Loan A Ranger for 7 years, and in 2018 (January) Mr. Corrigan opened this store, with the goal to keep computer use safe for all users, and to do so at a reasonable price for everyone. He still gives computers to the needy and seniors at no charge (or Discounted) for anyone who can’t afford one on their own. Donations are happily received for this give away program. In some cases, when costs are incurred in the refurbishing of these computers, a charge is made for the cost of the parts only.